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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  November 14, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> announcer: right now breaking news. you are looking at live pictures. oakland police after to be getting ready to move in to evict the occupy oakland encampment at if plaza. you can see the aerials of protesters and police beginning to line-up. thanks for joining us this morning. dozens of protesters have started moving into that intersection near city hall, calling on supporters to join them looking to make a stand against an expected police raid that appears to be on its way to starting. we have live team coverage. >> katie marzullo is at snow park where a second occupy encampment has taken hold. let's begin with amy hollyfield at 14th and >> reporter: it feels like police are about to move in. the helicopters circling overhead. officers made a verbal
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announcement to protesters they needed to leave the area or they would be arrested. it doesn't look like anyone is leaving. look at the large crowd behind me, chanting, rallying each other up. they've formed a line of people to block the intersection and do what they can to keep police from coming in to the downtown area. they say they are determined to keep police out. saying their demands have not been met. they still want to occupy the plaza. we have been hearing that hundreds of police are here. we've seen them gathering in various areas throughout the city, preparing to get in movement underway. the oakland police department is getting help from outside agencies. we've seen the fremont police department. the bay citizen is reporting 700 to 1,000 extra officers will be here to help with this operation. it could cost the city more than a million dollars. the protesters were tipped off this would be happening. there's been a huge crowd all night. they put the call out on
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twitter to defend occupy oakland and hundreds showed up. >> i think we as the people have gotten together and realize we are bigger than we thought. realizing that a lot of things that have been happening lately shouldn't be. like police brutality and just wall street, everything like that just a lot going on. we still are peacefully here, not chaotic or anything. >> reporter: police and city officials handed out flyers -- fliers throughout the weekend telling them they couldn't be here any longer, too dangerous not safe for the city to have this going on. these protesters have ignored those orders saying they intend to keep occupying this plaza. police first started showing up a little after 4:00 on the
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perimeter starting to make their presence known and set a perimeter around this area. this crowd has been alert watching every move, reporting back to the crowd with what they see, where the officers are, where they appear to be coming in from. they are geared up and prepared for a confrontation. they say they are not going easily. if the crowd is dispersed and the plaza is cleared up which is the intense of police, the protesters say they won't be finished. this will be long from over. they will be meeting again at 4:00 this afternoon at the downtown library in oakland to regroup and come up with another land to take this last accident back over. they intend to keep occupying it. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> before you get an you mentioned that the protesters were [ inaudible ] they've been calling for other protesters to come in. have you seen any sign of that? >> reporter: the crowd continues to grow. it is not just that -- there's
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all kinds of different people anarchist fringe group the people who wear all black and cover their face seem intent on having a confrontation. people who have voluntarily come out from the clergy, unions, other community groups to try and form a peaceful line between protesters and police and try to keep this a calm, peaceful movement. >> sorry to interrupt. there's movement going on right now. a line of police moving in and they are now talking with the members of the crowd, interacting with members of the crowd. i believe our jonathan bloom is nearby, right? >> reporter: that's right. we are a block from the protests at 13th and bring where a line of police and tactical -- [ inaudible ] police from burlingame, san mateo, lined up with shields, helmets, visors down.
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they are starting to move in as we speak. we are moving back to get out of their way. they are going to be closing in on protesters from the 13th street side of things. as we continue to walk behind them they are going to be part of a box surrounding protesters in the center of the intersection of 14th and broadway. as you can see directly in front of the police the protesters have moved a van, makeshift ambulance van into the center of the intersection. at this point, 14th and broadway is closed off for four blocks -- sorry one block in each direction. an officer from the sheriff's department has asked us to keep a respectful distance obviously in anticipation things might not go as smoothly as they are hoping. the police officers have got shields ready. they are expecting a confrontation. as we can tell from earlier, the protesters seem to be expecting a confrontation the police are probably 100 feet from the processors right now.
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walking towards -- from the protesters right now. there is no space for any folks to get out from between the police officers. protesters have already been asked to surrender their position and evacuate the camp. that van in the middle of the intersection that is one of the advance -- one of the vans driven by one of the members of the occupies. not sure what is happening there. -- police intense on making sure these protesters are escorted out or have to go out in handcuffs. you can see once again, how densely packed this line of police officers is, hundreds of police officers even just on this side over 100 surrounding the protests from this side which is across broadway. you can see how that line of officers, sometimes twoh%f deep in spots, is stretching across the street, providing no room for protesters to get out as that helicopter circles above. >> jonathan, can you as we
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watch this massive force of police moving in. we are getting word it is possible the protesters have two options. they could go to snow park or they may want to regather at the oakland library later this afternoon. what do you know about what could happen next? >> reporter: well, what we do know is protesters have been shouting to each other through bullhorns and just with their voices, that they are going to reconvene at 4:00 at the main library. they did sort of a march around city hall plaza earlier around the perimeter of frank ogawa plaza. at the end of that march they announced everybody here, no matter what happens should reconvene at 4:00 at the main library. we are lookly to see a large crowd of protesters gathering there pretty much, no matter what happens over the ensuing minutes and hours. you can see here that some folks are moving into the center of the intersection here. one protester and with a union
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jacket is taking pictures. that protester complained that not every one of these police officers has a number or identifying name on the back of their helmets. saying that this in violation of the california statute. most of the helmets are unmarked. protesters concerned if there is a confrontation with police, they want to be able to identify those officers later. many tapes being made, everybody here with some sort of camera, video camera or other sort of recording device. you can see police officers, many have those zip ties dangling from their belt prepared to make mass arrests if protesters do not disperse as ordered. >> complaints about badges and identifying details we've heard that earlier between police and -- in confrontations between protesters and the police. we'll see how police
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investigate that angle. it does look to us from the studio that more and more police are moving into that scare -- that square and the protesters don't look to be going anywhere. >> reporter: the protesters aren't going anywhere. the police are boxing them if -- them in from four directions. they've created a primmer that is at this point, stationary. the police don't seem to be going anywhere. they've ordered us to stay outside of their perimeter. the protesters who have not gone peacefully as order are being boxed inside the perimeter. right now protesters are wandering around, taking pictures of the police officers, hoping if there is a confrontation they will be able to go back'z:q taken those police officers image on their video later. amazing amount of people with cameras and a lot of those people wearing helmets and gas masks. we saw a reporter with a hard hat on. a lot of people here in this
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broadway seem to be fearing the worst. police officers of course preparing for the worst in the event these protesters don't file away peacefully. >> tear gas jonathan, as you look around, do you see any police officers carrying what might be tear gas rifles, tear gas guns? >> reporter: you know, i don't immediately. like i said the team of officers i'm behind is the mutual aid team from the san francisco peninsula. police depends from cities in san mateo county. while i don't see tear gas rifles on this sigh it is possible they are with members of the oakland -- oakland police department on the other side of the perimeter. i do see gas masks carried by many of the police officers. >> what do you make of the fact that police departments, we are hearing about, as you mentioned are from the peninsula, -- [ inaudible ]
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>> reporter: there are members of the sheriff's department here. we've seen a couple of them this is sort of a mutual aid situation. they've called in police departments from all over the bay area in hopes they will have enough officers to keep the protesters under control. we know there are hundreds of protesters. they are hoping to even out the score. oakland police of course have been vastly outnumbered in situations like this in the past. by bringing in extra departments i think it is possible the police department has as many people here as protesters when you count people providing mutual aid from those neighboring cities. >> are you hearing cost estimates to this action this morning, this massive police action that obviously involves other departments you mentioned not just from the peninsula maybe hayward, richmond, fremont pd we are
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hearing alameda county sheriffs as well. how much could something like this cost? >> reporter: nototototototototot
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no arrests made. seems like police mean business and they want the protesters out. as we continue to follow that we'll take a short break but come back with more coverage.
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exclusively at verizon. oakland police appear ready to start removing tends at frank ogawa plaza.
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at 14th and broadway things are getting tension. let's get the latest from amy hollyfield. >> reporter: it is not tents on my side i'm at 14th and broadway. i did see police making ago arrest. it looks like they are starting to move in on the camp. they've blocked off this crowd entirely. they've got barricades up, these people cannot get into the plaza. now police it looks like are get to deal with the plaza and the -- are going to deal with the plaza and people inside there. we have seen people sitting on the steps and we presume there are people in the tents we can't get a glimpse of how many people police will be moving in and clearing out. we did see them hauling one man away in handcuffs. they are starting to make arrests. they are starting to move in on that camp. they've sectioned off these hundreds of people in going in and confronting police and tries to protect the cam.
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this -- the camp this is a more deliberate operation than the one we saw on the 25th. on this side we aren't seeing anything too confrontational. we are seeing a peaceful circle of protesters some from different unions who say we are here to support our fellow brothers and sisters into this movement everyone from different unions all over the city should be here to show solidarity for the occupy issues. they are out here chanting about the7bailouts the bank and they feel like they've got sold out. we've seen people from all different groups to show their support. they are doing it peacefully not in officer's faces no confrontations. we haven't seen anything like in the past the rubber bullets or tear gas, anything like that police are slow and deliberate this morning.
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jonathan bloom has moved closer to frank ogawa from where he was at 14th and thins were more agitated on your end as opposed to what amy has been telling us what is going on now? >> reporter: if you can believe it right now there's still people sleeping in frank ogawa plaza. here to my right you can see police officers and sheriff's deputies from the alameda county sheriff's office lined up with batons at the ready. if we move left you can see police officers large number of them lining up here forming a line across 14th street, running east to west on 14 street. preparing for the order to sweep the camp. we've seen people in tent city here in frank ogawa plaza surrounded by candles. holding vigil. many of these people have said
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they are not going to take down their tents. many of them quietly resisting the order to leave as police prepare to come in and evict them. we can see police here, there are so many police officers, clearly hundreds of police officers over here i would venture to state police officers outnumber the protesters. in the background we can hear another pa announcement made asking the people to please quietly and voluntarily leave the occupy oakland encampment. police officers have started marching in the direction of frank ogawa plaza. the police here -- they are being ordered to go to the curb now you may have heard that supervisor ordering them to go to the curb. they are going to presumably come into this encampment in waves making sure nobody gets through without voluntarily leaving or being arrested.
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police backing up to the curb, clearly creating sort of a buffer zone across 14th street. this is where they are going to organize. presumably going to walk in shoulder to shoulder with helmets down and make sure protester do not get past them without either departing are being taken into custody. -- departing or being taken into custody. >> let's clarify what you are hearing. police sending the message leave but if you return you will be arrested or what other conditions are they laying out? >> reporter: right now they are making the order to disperse. they are saying this is an unlawful assembly if you do not disperse you will be in violation of the law and subject to arrest. they've not gotten as specific as to spell out conditions under which these people will or won't be asked to return. the police have given the order that these folks who are
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camped out here in frank ogawa plaza are now camped out illegally, trespassing, they should leave. they are being given the opportunity to leave prior to being arrested, should they choose to disobey that order. >> jonathan, police are trained here. they are trained to keep things at a level where they are as peaceful as possible and only escalate as things grow. we saw police first taking up a perimeter. now we seeing them taking up tactical positions as if they are getting ready to move, is that what you are telling us there? >> reporter: that is what appears to be happening. the police to my right have taken a strong position on the other side of the street to the point where they could go in either direction that's why this is such a strong position for them. if they need a direction to the intersection they could. if they need a direction to frank ogawa plaza, presumably
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what they are preparing to do, they are also well positioned to do that. the first line of officers standing here the whole time appear to be deputies from the alameda county sheriff's office. difficult to tell they appear to be officers from the oakland police department huddling on that side of the street in small groups of about a $or so being given orders, -- about a dozen or so, being given orders. officers facing the encampment have visor down holding batons in the ready position making sure the officers behind them don't get unexpectedly confronted by people from the encampment. there's a lot of traffic on the police radios. now as you can see the officers who are standing on the frontlines have asked us to make sure we don't get in their way as they move towards the encampment. we are backing up now, making room for these officers as they move into sort of a standby position preparing to enter
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the plaza. right now they are standing 20 feet from the steps leading into frank ogawa plaza where the encampment has been located for several weeks. encampment showing its age there's a lot of dirt and grime on the ground some tents have seen better days. the police officers now starting the jury on that street sweeping truck into -- start the engine on that street sweeping truck as they come in. you can see the camp very, very quiet now. a few people still in here some people out in the intersection protesting. the police helicopter flying over the camp once again preparing to shine a light on i as police presumably march in and start -- on it as police presumably march in and start -- a lot of people camped out in a circle of candles and paper cups, indicating by sitting on the ground and holding signs they
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are not planning ongoing anywhere police keeping a close eye beginning to move into the camp. >> these people were presumably from those empty tents we saw as were you moving along didn't seem to be many people there we were wondering if they moved on? >> reporter: no, the people seem to have been gathered in this circle here may be a few on the other side. a lot of them in the intersection. it seems to me that aside from the small group of protesters -- [ inaudible ] a lot of other people from the tents in the street marching and chanting now as police prepare to clear out their camps and take possession of their property or dispose of it. >> jonathan bloom at frank ogawa plaza, thank you very much. police moving closer. we are keeping an eye on this. also keeping an eye on
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traffic. >> in addition to bart station being closed there and ac buses rerouted, sue you are following a big accident on 101. >> yes. obviously a avoid downtown broadway, 14th closed through franklin no bart, ac transit delays. city of oakland has told their city workers to avoid or delay your arrival into downtown oakland until after 10:00 this morning. yes, we have major problem in san francisco, "sig alert" in effect southbound 101 at grand, four lanes blocked with an accident and emergency crews only the right lane getting by. once again, a "sig alert" in effect, slowing approaching the scene southbound 101 at grand, "sig alert" until further notice with emergency crews and four lanes blocked with an accident. we'll follow up on that. we'll be back to check in with you soon. we are keeping track of what
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is going on at frank ogawa plaza in oakland. >> signs that police moving in on one end as they move to separate protesters amassed in an intersection and the tents at frank ogawa plaza where they are hoping to remove the tents. we'll be right back.
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>> announcer: right now breaking news.


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